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Photo of Nicholas R. Amato
Nicholas R. Amato Of Counsel973.535.7136

Photo of Victor Andreou
Victor Andreou Associate973.646.3283

Photo of Matthew I. W. Baker
Matthew I. W. Baker Counsel973.646.3286

Photo of Thomas L. Bellifemine
Thomas L. Bellifemine Counsel973.230.0162

Photo of Peter F. Berk
Peter F. Berk Partner973.230.2071

Photo of Lawrence Bluestone
Lawrence Bluestone Partner973.535.4434

Photo of Jennifer Borek
Jennifer Borek Partner973.535.7107

Photo of Celia S. Bosco
Celia S. Bosco Counsel973.230.2088

Photo of Joseph A. Bottitta
Joseph A. Bottitta General/ Ethics Counsel973.646.3290

Photo of John J. Boulton
John J. Boulton Associate908.546.6991

Photo of James M. Burns
James M. Burns Managing Partner973.535.7101

Photo of Donald W. Clarke
Donald W. Clarke Partner973.387.7804

Photo of Harrison C. Clewell
Harrison C. Clewell Associate973.535.4444

Photo of David P. Cooke
David P. Cooke Of Counsel973.309.6076

Photo of David A. De Simone
David A. De Simone Of Counsel(973) 646-3271

Photo of Sadayah Durant-Brown
Sadayah Durant-Brown Associate973.230.2078

Photo of Brigette N. Eagan
Brigette N. Eagan Partner973.535.7114

Photo of Kathleen Barnett Einhorn
Kathleen Barnett Einhorn Partner973.535.7115

Photo of Mark Fleming
Mark Fleming Of Counsel908.300.5761

Photo of David J. Franzmathes
David J. Franzmathes Associate908.315.0187

Photo of Harris S. Freier
Harris S. Freier Partner973.230.2079

Photo of Maria R. Fruci
Maria R. Fruci Partner973.646.3262

Photo of Thomas S. Garlick
Thomas S. Garlick Associate973.646.3273

Photo of Angelo J. Genova
Angelo J. Genova Chairman973.535.7100

Photo of Bruno Genova
Bruno Genova Of Counsel973.646.3261

Photo of Lauren W. Gershuny
Lauren W. Gershuny Partner973.535.4447

Photo of Joseph M. Hannon
Joseph M. Hannon Partner973.535.7105

Photo of William F. Harrison
William F. Harrison Partner973.535.4430

Photo of Steven Z. Jurista
Steven Z. Jurista Retired973.230.2097

Photo of Avi D. Kelin
Avi D. Kelin Partner973.646.3267

Photo of Matthew Kertz
Matthew Kertz Partner973.230.2087

Photo of Jessica B. Kim
Jessica B. Kim Associate973.230.2082

Photo of Gregory S. Kinoian
Gregory S. Kinoian Counsel973.646.3284

Photo of Herbert C. Klein
Herbert C. Klein Retired973.230.2083

Photo of Judith R. Kramer
Judith R. Kramer Counsel973.230.2098

Photo of Keith A. Krauss
Keith A. Krauss Of Counsel973.535.4441

Photo of Latiqua M. Liles
Latiqua M. Liles Counsel973.646.3287

Photo of Brian D. MacNiven
Brian D. MacNiven Associate973.387.7805

Photo of Jillian A. Mandarino
Jillian A. Mandarino Of Counsel973.535.7119

Photo of Christopher Manley
Christopher Manley Associate973.535.4433

Gary N. Marks Of Counsel908.315.0274

Photo of Dina M. Mastellone
Dina M. Mastellone Partner732.842.2732

Photo of Jennifer Mazawey
Jennifer Mazawey Partner973.535.7126

Photo of James J. McGovern III
James J. McGovern III Partner973.535.7122

Photo of Patrick W. McGovern
Patrick W. McGovern Partner973.535.7129

Photo of William F. Megna
William F. Megna Partner973.230.2074

Photo of Charu Mehta
Charu Mehta Associate973.646.3276

Photo of Charles J. Messina
Charles J. Messina Partner973.646.3278

Photo of Albert Mezzaroba
Albert Mezzaroba Of Counsel215.564.0444

Photo of Romie Michel
Romie Michel Associate973.387.7808

Photo of Yostina Mishriky
Yostina Mishriky Associate973.230.2072

Photo of Jared J. Monaco
Jared J. Monaco Associate973.535.7121

Photo of Richard Mongelli
Richard Mongelli Of Counsel

Photo of Emily K. Montagna
Emily K. Montagna Associate973.230.2080

Photo of Angela Pan
Angela Pan Of Counsel201.469.0100

Photo of Eugene T. Paolino
Eugene T. Paolino Partner201.249.8197

Photo of Rajiv D. Parikh
Rajiv D. Parikh Partner973.535.4446

Photo of John C. Petrella
John C. Petrella Partner973.535.7108

Photo of Gerard D. Pizzillo
Gerard D. Pizzillo Partner201.249.8361

Photo of Scott S. Rever
Scott S. Rever Counsel973.387.7801

Photo of Jeffrey R. Rich
Jeffrey R. Rich Partner732.758.0117

Photo of Jennifer Roselle
Jennifer Roselle Partner973.646.3324

Photo of Ralph J. Salerno
Ralph J. Salerno Retired973.535.4432

Photo of Gina M. Schneider
Gina M. Schneider Of Counsel973.535.7134

Photo of Sydney M. Schubert
Sydney M. Schubert Associate973-535-4449

Photo of Kenneth J. Sheehan
Kenneth J. Sheehan Counsel973.646.3292

Photo of Douglas E. Solomon
Douglas E. Solomon Partner973.535.7128

Photo of Leonard S. Spinelli
Leonard S. Spinelli Partner973.230.2085

Photo of Daniel M. Stolz
Daniel M. Stolz Partner973.230.2095

Photo of John Suwatson
John Suwatson Partner973.535.4431

Photo of Katherine Szabo
Katherine Szabo Associate973.535.7130

Photo of Harvey Weissbard
Harvey Weissbard Of Counsel973.230.2084