Firm Overview

Genova Burns LLC is an innovative mid-sized law firm. We believe in the power of team and embrace collegial interaction with our clients to leverage all resources towards achieving effective and creative solutions. We view our clients as our relationship partners. When you select Genova Burns, you will get a firm that understands your business, whether private or public, and works with you to achieve practical, real-world and cost-conscious outcomes. At Genova Burns LLC, your business is our business. 

For over 35 years, Genova Burns LLC has partnered with companies, businesses, trade associations, and government entities, from around the globe, on matters in New Jersey and the greater northeast corridor between New York City and Washington, D.C. We provide an array of exceptional legal services across multiple practice areas with the quality expected of big law, but absent the big law economics.

We distinguish ourselves with our client responsiveness. We embrace technology in the interest of being thorough and cost-competitive while ensuring the same access to and deployment of legal research, but with the objective of offering out-of-the-box problem-solving advice and pragmatic solutions.

At the foundation of our legal practice philosophy are four pillars: Trust, Collaboration, Personal Service and Responsiveness. Trust means our clients can count on us to be upfront as to what we do well and candid about what we do not, and, when engaged, provide top quality substantive legal representation. Collaboration means that we view our clients as our relationship partners. We work together to develop the best legal approach, taking into account client views, philosophies, goals and objectives. Personal Service means we take the time to get to know you and your business or government obligations. Responsiveness means we commit to being available to you when you need us.

These concepts are woven into the fabric of the Genova Burns’ professional, administrative and support team. To maximize our access and responsiveness, our offices are strategically located throughout the tri-state metropolitan area, affording our clients convenient access to nearby public transportation and placing us at the epicenter of the regional economy, corporate community, government, and federal and state courts.


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