Dina Mastellone, Douglas Solomon and Brigette Eagan Present Part I of an Employment Update 2021 Seminar for the New Jersey Coalition of Automotive Retailers

February 8, 2021  |  By: Brigette N. Eagan, Esq.

Firm Partners Dina M. Mastellone, Esq., Douglas E. Solomon, Esq. and Counsel Brigette N. Eagan, Esq. will present Part I of an Employment Update 2021 seminar for the New Jersey Coalition of Automotive Retailers on February 8th. This seminar will provide members of NJCAR with timely hot topics impacting their Dealership’s workplace. Part II will take place on March 2nd. 

Partner and OSHA Practice Group Chair Douglas E. Solomon, Esq. will present the "COVID-19 Updates" segment of the seminar to include discussion on the following topics: 

  • Executive Order 192 – creation of Division of Public Safety and Occupational Safety and Health (PSOSH) within the DOL;
  • The Importance of having a comprehensive written COVID-19 Protocol;
  • Revised guidance from OSHA, CDC; and
  • State of New Jersey and the Biden Administration – What to Expect in 2021.

Partner and Human Resources Counseling & Compliance Practice Group Chair Dina M. Mastellone, Esq. and Counsel in the Employment Law & Litigation Practice Group Brigette N. Eagan, Esq. will present "Requiring the COVID-19 Vaccination at Work: Issues for Dealers to Consider When Developing a COVID-19 Vaccination Program." Their discussion will include the following topics:

  • Mandating Covid-19 Vaccination as a Condition of Employment;
  • Employee Education on Vaccination;
  • Religious and Medical Accommodations Obligations; and
  • Employee Objections to the Covid-19 Vaccine.

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