Jennifer Roselle Discusses What Legalization Could Mean for Both Employers and Employees in the Workplace in NJ.Com Article

February 25, 2021

Jennifer Roselle, Esq., Counsel in the firm's Cannabis Law and Labor Law Practice Groups, was interviewed for a recent article that asked the question "Can I be fired if I test positive for marijuana, even though weed was just legalized? What you need to know."

In the article, Ms. Roselle discussed what legalization could mean for both employers and employees in the workplace, noting that “It’s weird to have effective immediately but not yet operational” in a statute. She goes on to say that the "wording does not fully protect employers’ current drug testing policies or those who want to use marijuana in their free time now."

“If I’m an employer, I’m going to proceed with incredible amounts of caution,” she said. “If I’m an employee, who thinks it’s a free for all right now, I still potentially could lose my job, even if my employer takes the most conservative approach. It’s a gamble on both sides.”

Ms. Roselle continued, noting that “effective immediate but operational down the line" wording underscores the complications of building out a new marijuana industry."

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