Governor Murphy Gives Cannabis the Green Light

February 22, 2021

New Jersey wait no longer – recreational use of cannabis is finally here! Earlier today, Governor Murphy signed the enabling legislation for adult recreational use into law. What does this mean? Adults 21 and over will be permitted to consume recreational cannabis legally within the state, and the industry is soon poised to expand exponentially.

Although voters approved a referendum to legalize adult use of cannabis back in November, lawmakers’ efforts to draft the enabling legislation often went up in smoke. Until recently, the governor’s office and legislative leaders couldn’t decide how to address underage possession and use of cannabis. Now, lawmakers agree that minors should be subject to a three-tiered warning system in lieu of hefty fines.

The use and possession of cannabis from the illicit market, however, remains illegal. This historical legislation now allows the Cannabis Regulatory Commission to create regulations and begin rolling out recreational cannabis licensing opportunities. In the meantime, we expect medical dispensaries will soon be able to serve the general public as we wait for the award of licenses to new dispensaries.

For questions regarding New Jersey’s cannabis industry, please contact our Cannabis Law Team.

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