Rebecca Moll Freed, Michael C. McQueeny & Avi D. Kelin Pen Article Discussing the 2020 Cannabis Ballot Referendum Vote in NJ Cannabis Insider

January 29, 2020

Firm Partner Rebecca Moll Freed, Esq., Counsel and Cannabis Practice Chair Michael C. McQueeny, Esq., and Associate Avi D. Kelin, Esq. penned a Guest Column that was recently published in New Jersey Cannabis Insider entitled, “What You Need to Know About Influencing the 2020 Cannabis Ballot Referendum Vote”. The article delves into the role the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) will play in terms of the evaluation and regulation of funds raised and spent on the upcoming referendum vote on the legalization of adult-use-cannabis and how to stay compliant.

Our attorneys warn that even though civilians are not Super PACs, election laws still apply to how they spend their money on either candidates or issues on the ballot for an upcoming election and emphasize that regulatory compliance is key. They warn readers not to “let the ambiguity between state and federal enforcement of cannabis laws distract you from the fact that state and local elections laws apply, no matter what.”

To read the full article, please click the below attachment. Genova Burns is proud to offer promo code CANNABIS100 for 20% off annual subscriptions to Cannabis Insider NJ. Click here to subscribe. 


Rebecca Moll Freed, Esq. is a Partner in the Firm's Newark, NJ office and Chair of the Corporate Political Activity Practice Group and the Nonprofits, Trade Associations & Tax-Exempt Organizations Practice Groups. Ms. Freed provides training and counseling to companies, in-house counsel and corporate ethics and compliance officers seeking to maximize government contracting opportunities while assuring their compliance with the law and is the go-to Partner at the Firm when it comes to handling campaign finance, pay-to-play compliance, lobbying and government contracting compliance matters for Firm clients.

Michael C. McQueeny, Esq. is Counsel in the Firm's Newark, NJ office and Co-Chair of the Cannabis Practice Group. He advises businesses, including investors, processors, distributors, retailers and cultivators, on various aspects of the legal cannabis industry and counsels clients regarding licensing, funding, and acquisition of cannabis-related entities and advises them on state legislation and local laws governing growth, distribution, sale and use of cannabis.

Avi D. Kelin, Esq. is an Associate in the Firm's Newark, NJ office and practices in the Corporate Political Activity Law Practice Group. Mr. Kelin focuses on the interaction between government and business. He advises businesses, trade associations and individuals on lobbying requirements, campaign-finance law, pay-to-play restrictions, government-ethics rules, and the government-procurement process.


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