Matthew Baker Outlines Issues to Look for as NJ Athletes and Colleges Navigate NIL Agreements in ROI-NJ

August 30, 2021  |  By: Matthew I. W. Baker, Esq.

Genova Burns Counsel and former defensive back at Yale University, Matthew I.W. Baker, Esq., outlines four ways the NIL marketplace is beginning to take shape in a ROI-NJ article he recently penned.

New state laws and an NCAA rule change that went into effect July 1 now allow college athletes to, for the first time, earn money directly from the use of their name, image and likeness.

Since that date — in fact, some athletes began endorsing products mere minutes after midnight July 1 — hundreds of athletes from a wide variety of schools and playing a wide variety of sports have signed deals and begun monetizing their NIL. And, even though this marketplace has existed for less than two months, we’re already beginning to see how the rule change is beginning to shake out and what kinds of issues it may raise for athletes and colleges alike moving forward.

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