Media, Telecom & Digital

Our Media, Telecom & Digital attorneys are at the forefront of developments in the industry and the frequently changing laws that govern it. Our deep understanding of how relevant laws and regulations were developed allows us to effectively interpret and apply them in order to successfully meet and overcome the unique needs and challenges our Media, Telecom & Digital clients face.

Our industry experience gives us the ability to anticipate changes in the law and diagnose potential issues before they materialize, providing our clients solutions with respect to issues before they manifest. We add value to our Media, Telecom & Digital clients’ businesses by helping them develop and implement comprehensive, practical approaches to secure business-oriented results that are most advantageous to them.

We represent broadcast, newspaper and online companies; internet distributors; blogs and bloggers, and a wide range of industry participants on matters involving a multitude of communication channels. In addition, we represent our clients in regulatory, litigation and investigative matters before state and federal agencies and courts at all levels.