Jennifer Roselle to Present FMLA Seminar for the New Jersey State League of Municipalities

March 5, 2020

Counsel Jennifer Roselle, Esq. will present a seminar to the New Jersey State League of Municipalities at a Professional Development Program entitled, “Leaves of Absence in New Jersey-A Look at the Family Medical Leave Act and the New Jersey Family Leave Act” on March 11th.

Ms. Roselle will present the following program addressing how to manage employee leave entitlements under State and Federal Law. Its goal is to help attendees understand and administer the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993, the New Jersey Family Leave Act, New Jersey Family Leave Insurance and how those intersect with New Jersey Temporary Disability Insurance and New Jersey Workers Compensation Act. More specifically, it will provide information on recent changes in the FMLA and NJFLA, evaluate the difference between “leave laws” and “wage replacement laws”; provide an overview of NJFLI, and its recent updates, as well as provide an understanding of the interaction between and administration of leave laws. The breakdown of the program is as follows:

  • FMLA – Summary of the law and its recent Amendments; Understanding and Identifying Qualifying Events and what constitutes a Serious Health Conditions; Requirements of and Reviewing Certifications; Intermittent Leave and Substitution of Paid Leave; Job Protection and Restoration; Employer and Employee Obligations under the Act; Calculation of leave entitlements; Managing attendance and abuse of leave.
  • NJFLA –Summary of the law and recent updates; Understanding and Identifying Qualifying Events and what constitutes a Serious Health Condition; Interplay between and Comparison of the FMLA and NJFLA.
  • Leave Laws v. Wage Replacement Laws– Defining leave laws; New Jersey Paid Sick Leave and other leave entitlements; Defining wage replacement laws; Comparison of Leave v. Wage Replacement Laws.
  • New Jersey Family Leave Insurance (NJFLI)– Background and Summary of the Law and recent updates; Identification of the types of leave applicable; NJFLI funding and administration; Eligible Employees and Employers; Benefits available under NJFLI; Notice and Certification Requirements; Job Restoration; Interplay with FMLA, NJFLA, sick, vacation and other personal leave; State v. Private Plan administration; Challenging grants of benefits and penalties for false claims.
  • Administration of FMLA, NJFLA, NJFLI, NJTDI and NJWCA – Managing leave in New Jersey; Discussion of NJTDI and NJWCA; Employer Leave Policy considerations and practical tips for applying leaves in the workplace.

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About the Attorney

Jennifer Roselle is Counsel in the Firm's Newark, NJ office and a member of the Employment Law & Litigation, Labor Law and Human Resources Counseling & Compliance Practice Groups as well as the Education and Cannabis Law Industry Groups.

Ms. Roselle has experience in all areas of labor, employment and education law, including advising clients on employment discrimination; contract interpretation and negotiation; tenure and seniority; personnel policies; scope of negotiations; employee training, employment counseling and collective bargaining at all levels including mediation and fact finding, arbitration and litigating unfair practice charges.

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