Rebecca Moll Freed to Present Corporate Political Activity Compliance Webinar for the Clear Law Institute

February 21, 2017

Partner Rebecca Moll Freed will present a webinar entitled “Corporate Political Activity Compliance – Effectiveness, Ethics, and The Law” for Clear Law Institute happening now at 1 pm. Ms. Freed is discussing how to manage corporate political activity in an ethical and effective manner and determine the best compliance approach for your company. Among other things, participants will learn:

  • How to know if your company complies with campaign finance and pay-to-play laws
  • Which campaign finance and pay-to-play laws apply to your company
  • Common HR pitfalls that often get companies in trouble
  • The role of accountants and in-house attorneys in ensuring political activity compliance
  • How to implement an ethical and effective political activity compliance policy
  • How to make political activity compliance a key aspect of your Code of Conduct

For further detail and to register for this webinar, please click here.

Ms. Freed is Chair of the Firm’s Corporate Political Activity Practice Group, the Non-Profit and Tax Exempt Organization Practice Group and Vendor Political Activity & Ethics Compliance Training & Audit Programs. She is also a Partner in the Firms Procurement Law, Government Contract Compliance & Bid Protest Litigation Practice Group.

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