Corporate Political Activity Law

To engage in political activity, electioneering communications or issue advocacy anywhere in the country, one must navigate an ever-growing minefield of legal obligations resulting from recent and pending reforms, regulations and rulings at the local, state, and federal levels.

The Corporate Political Activity Law Group serves corporations, individuals, trade associations, political action committees, issue advocacy organizations, government contractors and investment advisers, candidates for public office, government officials, political parties, and others by providing legal counsel and representation in this increasingly complex area in multiple jurisdictions. These services include:

  • Campaign Finance: counsel to ensure compliance with applicable restrictions on receipts, contributions and expenditures, as well as associated reporting and recordkeeping obligations.
  • Corporate Compliance and Training Programs: conduct internal reviews of shareholder, officer and employee political activity, develop company policies for political and lobbying activities in multiple jurisdictions, aid in political contribution vetting procedures, and present in-house training programs.
  • Ethics/Conflicts of Interest: address issues under the Ethics and Conflict of Interest rules governing the conduct of public officers and employees.
  • Gifts to Public Employees: guidance to clients on the restrictions and limitations applicable to entertainment, travel, meals, events, and other interactions with government officials.
  • Government Contracts and Investments/Pay-to-Play Restrictions: help clients maintain legal eligibility for government contracting and investment opportunities under pay-to-play restrictions.
  • Issue Advocacy: assist in creating appropriate entities for political activity and/or issue advocacy, such as political action committees, IRC 501(c) and 527 organizations; ongoing guidance for compliance with registration and reporting obligations under campaign finance, lobbying and tax laws, contribution limits, and rules for public communications.
  • Litigation: representation to defend against or challenge regulatory or enforcement action, at both trial and appellate levels.
  • Lobbying: advice on coverage and exceptions under lobbying law, legal obligations of lobbyists and companies retaining lobbyists, registration and reporting requirements, IRC 501(c) compliance, and restrictions on compensation, communications and political activity.
  • Multi-Purpose and Affiliated Not-for-Profit Organizations: counsel IRC 501(c) and 527 organizations in structuring activities and relationships to meet campaign finance, lobbying and tax law requirements in an evolving regulatory environment.
  • Public Campaign Financing: general counsel for regulated political campaigns.
  • Public Corruption/Civil and Criminal Law Enforcement: defend and assist respondents and witnesses in government investigations, civil administrative proceedings, and grand jury inquiries.
  • Public Policy Litigation and Disputes: constitutional, statutory and other legal challenges to governmental actions and regulations, including matters presenting claims under the First Amendment, Equal Protection and Due Process clauses.
  • Referenda and Grass Roots Lobbying Campaigns: general counsel.

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Contact: Rebecca Moll Freed, Esq. 
Chair, Corporate Political Activity Law Practice Group