Angelo Genova and Rajiv Parikh Named to Insider NJ's "Insider 100 Power" Publication for 2020

November 18, 2020

Firm Chairman & Managing Partner Angelo J. Genova, and Partner Rajiv D. Parikh have been named to Insider NJ's Insider 100: Power Publication. Each year, Insider Power compiles a list of the 100 most powerful people in New Jersey Politics, both in elected positions and behind the scenes. This year, Mr. Genova comes in at #18 as the "Best Election Law Expert in the State" and Mr. Parikh is listed for the first time as an election law "powerhouse" at #97. Click here to access the full listing.

Angelo Genova's Listing:

"They say you don’t want to get caught on the stripes in the headlights. The same story applies here, only this variation changes the scene to a courtroom, where you don’t want to be caught on the opposing side of power attorney Genova with the judge’s gavel dropping. Just ask the legal team of Steve Rothman, which in 2012 found itself blandly teleconferencing in to a rainy pre-Election Day Passaic County courtroom where Genova showed up in person looking like an Army Ranger at Point du Hoc. The best election law expert in the state. The next U.S. Attorney from New Jersey?"

Rajiv Parikh's Listing:

"The Genova Burns powerhouse handles cases for the New Jersey Democratic State Committee, the Democratic National Committee, and candidates running for office at all levels of government. His clients included presidential candidates Cory Booker and Pete Buttigieg."


Welcome to the 2020 InsiderNJ Power 100, where the basic infrastructure in this institutionally conservative state endures – but finds itself challenged by voters motivated to build a more egalitarian society. Certainly, the COVID-19 crisis altered life as we knew it, permanently for some, and reordered not only the way the survivors coexist, but the perspective from which we address our most pressing problems

Against that backdrop, which felt more like an all-engulfing miasma, we considered the power players in this state and while ranking them gave particular weight this year to those who occupied the front lines of that collision to dislodge the incumbent president, those who fought the virus, advocated for workers and healthcare, and those activists and first responders at the center of the conversation around justice reform. This was also the year that marijuana legalization made it onto the ballot and received affirmation from New Jersey voters.

About Genova Burns:

For over 30 years, Genova Burns has partnered with companies, businesses, trade associations, and government entities, from around the globe, on matters in New Jersey and the greater northeast corridor between New York City and Washington, D.C. We provide an array of exceptional legal services across multiple practice areas with the quality expected of big law, but absent the big law economics.

We distinguish ourselves with unparalleled client responsiveness. We embrace technology in the interest of being thorough and cost competitive, while ensuring the same access to and deployment of legal research, but with the objective of offering out of the box problem solving advice and pragmatic solutions.