Dina Mastellone Interviewed on The Lawyers Edge Podcast

September 29, 2021

Dina M. Mastellone, Esq., firm Partner and Human Resources, Counseling & Compliance Practice Chair, was recently featured on The Lawyer’s Edge, a podcast that focuses on how lawyers can get what they really want from their careers and how law firms can grow and sustain healthy, profitable businesses.

Ms. Mastellone's interview centered mainly on whether or not the bar association is relevant today and how involvement can accelerate career and business development success. 

Ms. Mastellone explains why everyone should join an association, what she learned through her journey in a male-dominated field, and how lawyers can develop their reputation and build their business. Ms. Mastellone has held various positions with the New Jersey State Bar Association and the New Jersey Women Lawyers Association, where she further became an advocate for mentoring and advancing women lawyers and increasing the involvement of women in professional and charitable organizations. As a leader within these associations, Ms. Mastellone explains how they can benefit lawyers at any level in their careers.

In This Episode

  • Ms. Mastellone discusses the relevance of bar associations and how they can help your career;
  • How she shifted from being a member of the bar association to assuming leadership roles;
  • How to lead the next generation of lawyers;
  • What Ms. Mastellone has learned at the bar association
  • Tips for business development
  • The challenges personally faced in her career and how she found her voice in a male-dominated firm;
  • Final piece of advice: get involved!

Lawyer's Edge is a firm based in the New York metropolitan area founded by Elise Holtzman in 2008 to help lawyers become skilled business developers and leaders so that they can grow their practices, retain top talent, and step confidently into leadership roles.

External Link: https://thelawyersedge.com/podcast/dina-mastellone

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