Avi Kelin Discusses Future Regulation and Insurance Effects Of Autonomous Vehicles In PropertyCausalty360 Article

May 24, 2021

Avi D. Kelin, firm Counsel and Chair of the Autonomous Vehicle Law Practice Group, was recently featured in PropertyCausalty360 article entitled, "U.K. Clears The Way For Autonomous Cars On Roadways". Mr. Kelin discusses future regulation and insurance effects of autonomous vehicles as it is projected that similar regulations may arrive in the U.S. sooner than later. 

Mr. Kelin comments that "there is a possibility that new federal legislation will eventually come out of Washington, D.C., as the issue is an area of bipartisan interest. However, getting the “green light” on self-driving cars in the U.S. will be far more complicated than in the U.K."

“There is a divide between regulation by the federal government and regulation by state governments,”...“The federal government will be focused on the safety and reliability of the vehicle itself, while state governments will continue their traditional function of managing licensing, insurance, and other rules of the road. We are looking at not just one set of laws or regulations, but federal guidelines and then separate laws in all 50 states.”

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