Charles Messina Speaks to Those Looking To Break Into the Cannabis Industry in ROI-NJ Article

February 26, 2021

Firm Cannabis Practice Co-Chair and Partner Charles J. Messina, Esq. answered the question, "What advice would you give those looking to enter the business today, now that the bill has been passed?" in a recent ROI-NJ article. 

Mr. Messina responded by saying that, “There are so many ancillary services, such as accounting, insurance and real estate, that will become necessary and benefit from this industry. Defining your brand early on to ‘sell shovels’ during this green rush is now more important than ever with the signing of the historic legislation.”

For those seeking adult-use licenses, Mr. Messina advised: “Get familiar with the bill. Figure out what type of license you want and where it makes sense for your team to operate. Municipal approval for an applicant’s desired location will be critical, so start planting and watering those seeds now. And, most of all, as with any industry, partner with professionals like us that you can trust to guide you through the process.”

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