Michael C. McQueeny Sounds Off on Failed Marijuana Bill in New Jersey Law Journal Article

July 3, 2019

Firm Cannabis Practice Chair Michael C. McQueeny was quoted in an article entitled “What Extinguished the Marijuana Bill in New Jersey? ‘A Lot’” in the New Jersey Law Journal. The article discusses the factors that caused a bill legalizing the adult use of marijuana to fail to pass in the state legislature.

Mr. McQueeny said in the article that the expansion of medical marijuana use in New Jersey will keep the momentum alive for recreational use, since the structure in place for medical marijuana is essentially the same regulatory framework for recreational marijuana use. “Virtually, there is no loss of momentum with medical expansion of marijuana, with the ultimate goal of adult use,” he claimed. “We will improve upon the concepts of adult use.”

Later, Mr. McQueeny gave his view on the role of groups opposed to legalizing recreational marijuana use in torpedoing the bill. “The anti-marijuana folks certainly put a convincing campaign that really mobilized the opposition, and it was just enough to get that seed of doubt to sway if not public opinion, legislative opinion, toward voting against it,” he said.

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