Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are not just words, they are the hallmarks of our Firm, representing the values and principles of tolerance, mutual respect and integrity that we bring to our personal and professional lives. Our Firm is comprised of attorneys and staff with multi-faceted backgrounds because, at Genova Burns, we believe that diversity and inclusion are essential to delivering unparalleled service, on every level.

Diversity Committee Spotlight

Photo of Matthew I. W. Baker

Matthew I. W. Baker, Counsel

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Committee Chairs

Harris S. Freier, Partner

Having grown up in a diverse community in Montclair, NJ and having attended the public schools there, Mr. Freier is passionate about diversity, equality and inclusion. Mr. Freier considers himself an ally and he is proud to carry over lessons learned as current Chair of Board of Trustees of the Urban League of Union County, former board member of the New York City Workforce Professionals Training Institute, current Board of Trustees member of Temple Emanu-El in Westfield, and a former Legal Board Member of Covenant House of New Jersey to his professional life serving as a co-Chair the firms Diversity, Equity & Inclusionary Initiative, where he will work to instill these moral obligations with the hope to ensure equality for all, lessons which he strives to teach his son and daughter about on a regular basis.

Jennifer Borek, Partner

Ms. Borek champions for diversity and inclusion within the ranks of the Firm as well as in her personal life. As a female partner with children she understands the struggles of women and minorities in the workplace and at home. She sits on the board of Partners for Women and Justice and works tirelessly to defend the rights of Women and Minorities.

Current Initiatives

Genova Burns believes that diversity and inclusion are essential to delivering unparalleled service on every level, and our firm reflects that with a composition of attorneys and staff from multi-faceted backgrounds. Diversity encompasses a wide range of exceptional characteristics and experiences, including people of different socioeconomic backgrounds, races, genders, national origins, ages, religions, sexual orientations, and disabilities. This Initiative is dedicated to ensuring that we maintain a diverse workforce, and help the legal industry improve its promotion of the best lawyers from a wide range of backgrounds.

The DE&I Committee will spearhead a number of firm initiatives including: programming with the Rutgers Association of Black Law Students; firm-wide mentoring of diverse associates; in-house counsel mentoring of diverse associates; speaker series; sponsorship of diverse organizations; and social events that emphasize our shared diversity.

Taking a page from our commitment to our colleagues supporting and funding participation in the New Jersey Women’s Lawyers Association and like bar associations devoted to the professional development of women and minority lawyers, we will be expanding our role in such organizations.

In addition to these outreach programs and investments, we are enthused by the prospect of developing internal programs and mentorship opportunities, creating internal professional resource support, extending invitations to others outside the firm to weigh in and educate us on the challenges and opportunities an active and meaningful DE & I initiative entails and establishing other programs to recruit and retain colleagues and staff consistent with our DE & I objectives.


Recent Diversity News & Events