Matthew Kertz To Present "Stranded Assets: Reimagining and Repurposing Vacant Properties" Hybrid Event for New Jersey Business & Industry Association

May 9, 2023  |  By: Matthew Kertz, Esq.

Genova Burns Partner Matthew Kertz, Esq. will present at New Jersey Business & Industry Association's hybrid event entitled, "Stranded Assets: Reimagining & Repurposing Vacant Properties" on May 10th. 

Program Description

Many post-industrial cities and suburban communities struggle with stranded assets reflecting changing market dynamics and the functional obsolescence of some existing buildings. This group of experts will discuss lessons learned from recent activities throughout New Jersey with a particular focus on the Trenton corridor.

The panels will address adaptive reuse and other creative approaches to address the challenges of finding new uses for old buildings and revitalize New Jersey’s urban and suburban communities. As a business owner/operator, you need to understand what stranded assets are, what they can become, and how they affect your long-term bottom line.  Presentations will focus on the below:

  • Reframing Incentives for Stranded Assets, the Government’s Role in Stranded Assets: This panel of experts will discuss the assessment and repurposing of stranded real estate assets in urban and suburban environments and their role as a catalyst for action.
  • Driving Change and De-Risking Real Estate: This panel of experts will discuss the value of stranded assets, why they are an opportunity, their life cycle, and why increasing numbers of companies and investors are realizing that this change can extend the lifecycle of their assets, and how the perception of those assets must change as we evolve and move forward.

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About Matthew Kertz, Esq.

Mr. Kertz specializes in Commercial and Residential Real Estate Leasing and Appellate, Commercial Real Estate & Redevelopment and Complex Commercial Litigation law. He focuses on commercial and residential leasing and corporate transactions and has extensive experience drafting and negotiating retail, office and industrial leases and assisting landlords and tenants in resolving all aspects of leasing, acquisition and litigation-related issues. In addition, Mr. Kertz drafts and negotiates franchise leases and counsels clients on related matters and routinely counsels commercial purchasers and sellers regarding acquisitions, sales, leasing and development projects as well as acquiring and disposing real estate. He advises landlords and tenants in commercial real estate disputes and assists in litigation before state and federal courts.

Mr. Kertz handles contract and settlement negotiations with a focus on complex commercial real estate issues. He represents numerous clients with national real estate portfolios regarding lease negotiations and disputes throughout the country and is involved in litigation examining novel questions of real estate law. He also handles all aspects of negotiating and drafting New Jersey commercial ground retail, office and industrial leases.

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