Class Action Defense

Our Class Action Defense experience spans a multitude of industries. We defend class actions filed against our clients in a number of local jurisdictions. We are proud of the results we achieve for our clients. Many of our class action matters have been dismissed or resolved early on in litigation. While at the outset of the proceeding our focus is on dismissal or resolution, as we think in the best interests of our clients for a host of reasons. We are also very well-versed, and very comfortable, trying cases to their conclusion, should the need arise.

We serve sophisticated clients and have a proven track record of successfully defending them in all manner of class action claims. Given our depth of experience, we assist and add value to clients who infrequently face class action litigation, whether frivolous or legitimate, and are also in need of and rely on our extensive expertise in this area.

Leveraging the extent of our experience, we employ defenses that are most likely to prevail whether these be on the merits of the claim itself or with respect to faulty class certification. We are well aware that all claims are not created equal. Our well-honed expertise, and focus on resolving claims as early on in the process as possible, allow us to identify, evaluate and resolve such claims in no more time than is absolutely necessary.


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Matthew S. Oorbeek