David Cooke Insight Featured in Law360 Article "DOJ's American-JetBlue Suit an Aggressive Antitrust Flex"

September 24, 2021

Genova Burns Of Counsel & Aviation Law Practice Chair David P. Cooke, Esq.'s insight was recently featured in a Law360 article entitled, "DOJ's American-JetBlue Suit an Aggressive Antitrust Flex".

Mr. Cooke noted he "sensed that this is the Antitrust Division, under the new administration, trying to flex its muscle for a number of reasons. This alliance had been approved ... under the prior administration, and you know there could be some political issues. But putting that aside, the big question is what effect is this going to have on competition."

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About David Cooke

David P. Cooke, Esq. is Of Counsel and Chair of the Aviation Industry Group as well as a member of the Transportation, Shipping, Trucking & Logistics Practice Group. Mr. Cooke practiced aviation law for more than 20 years in the law department of Honeywell International, Inc. As Assistant General Counsel at Honeywell, he was responsible for all transactional and regulatory matters related to the company’s large fleet of corporate and test aircraft.

Prior to Honeywell, Mr. Cooke was an associate at a large law firm where he represented aircraft manufacturers and operators in aircraft accident and commercial litigation. He is an active pilot and flight instructor, holding an FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate for single and multi-engine aircraft and gliders, a Flight Instructor Certificate for airplanes and gliders and a Remote Pilot - UAS Certificate.

Mr. Cooke is an FAA Safety Team (“FAASTeam”) representative and gives safety seminars, counseling and training to pilots.

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