Patrick McGovern and Gina Schneider Weigh In on Potential Effects the Election Could Have on the Affordable Care Act and Immigration Law in HR Daily Advisor

November 5, 2020

Partner Patrick W. McGovern and Counsel Gina M. Schneider were recently interviewed for a timely article in HR Daily Advisor entitled “Employers Looking for Answers as Presidential Election Winds Down.”

Mr. McGovern and Ms. Schneider both weighed in on the election’s effect on the ACA. “If Trump is reelected, the Trump administration’s stand on the ACA depends on how the Supreme Court resolves the challenge to the ACA now pending in Texas v. California, and whether the Democrats hold onto the House and the Republicans hold onto the Senate,” they say.

If the Court strikes down the ACA as a whole, “there is nothing in the pipeline to take its place,” McGovern and Schneider say, adding that Trump “has provided no insight into the provisions of his proposed substitute plan other than to state that it will protect preexisting conditions. Also, there is no certainty that a Republican Senate will support his proposed plan.”

McGovern and Schneider say a Biden administration “can be expected to propose expanding and fine-tuning the ACA,” including enhancing premium subsidies, expanding eligibility for Medicare, and allowing consumers to choose between an employer plan and a public option.

Mr. McGovern also discussed on the potential effects each administration could have in regard to immigration issues. To read those remarks and access the full article, please click here.

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