Michael C. McQueeny Analyzes Cannabis Licensing Request for Applications for Cannabis in New Jersey

August 22, 2019

Firm Cannabis Practice Chair Michael C. McQueeny, Esq. was quoted in The Lead section of NJ Cannabis Insider’s recent article “With the RFA in the Rear View, What Lessons have been Learned”. The article focuses on the latest round of Request for Applications (RFA) and analyzes how the process unfolded and what those who are involved and watching can expect in the next few months.

Mr. McQueeny discusses the difficult decisions applicants are forced to make, saying that, as a result of New Jersey being one of the most competitive states in which to get licensed, the “The DOH crafted an RFA in a way to limit the total number of applications for the most competitive applicants, i.e. you can only submit only one application total for a vertically integrated and only one application for cultivation — though for the latter, you could submit two additional applications for dispensaries.”

“At the end of the day,” McQueeny continued, “applicants need to keep the ultimate consumers in mind — medical cannabis patients.”…“The bottom line that I hope all understand is that the medical program is facing a crisis...” he said. “We have an infrastructure of six licenses serving 50,000 people when only a year and a half ago it was serving 15,000; the status quo is simply not capable of meeting that demand.”

In closing, Mr. McQueeny said, “While everyone wants to win, we need to remember that the goal is to get the best operators awarded, licensed, and operational, to get more medicine to the patients – it is the patients’ best interests that are the goal of the industry.”

Mr. McQueeny counsels clients regarding licensing, funding, and acquisition of cannabis-related entities and advises them on state legislation and local laws governing growth, distribution, sale and use of cannabis.

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Document: NJ Cannabis Insider Article

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