Laurence Laufer and Jisha Dymond to Present Webcast on McCutcheon v. FEC for Lawline

April 24, 2014

Just four years after issuing Citizens United, the U.S. Supreme Court issued yet another landmark decision in McCutcheon v. FEC, which struck down aggregate campaign finance limits under the Federal Election Campaign Act. Eight states, including New York and some municipalities, impose comparable aggregate contribution limits on a single contributor’s contributions to multiple recipients during a specified time period. All of these limits are now vulnerable to challenge under the Court’s decision. On April 30 at 10am EDT, Firm Partner Laurence D. Laufer and Counsel Jisha V. Dymond of the Corporate Political Activity Law Practice Group will summarize the McCutcheon decision, including the Court’s suggestions to Congress. In addition, they will discuss the current state of campaign finance law and assist viewers in identifying potential issues for states and municipalities with similar aggregate limits and pay-to-play laws. The webcast is produced by Lawline, the largest provider of online continuing legal education (CLE) in the country.  For information on CLE credits and to register, click here. 

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