Laurence Laufer Interviewed about McCutcheon Case and Ramifications for Campaign Finance Reform on City & State

November 11, 2013

City & State, the only publication in New York devoted solely to covering government and politics in the city and state, has published a video interview with Partner Laurence D. Laufer, Director of the firm’s Corporate Political Activity Practice Law Group. Mr. Laufer, whose clients include New York City Mayor-Elect Bill DiBlasio and City Controller-Elect Scott M. Stringer, spoke with City & State editor Morgan Pehme on whether the pending Supreme Court decision McCutcheon vs. FEC could undermine the New York City Campaign Finance Board system and the ongoing effort to enact campaign finance reform statewide.

The on line story stated that “(i)f the Supreme Court finds in McCutcheon’s favor, the decision would likely open the floodgates to more money in electoral politics in New York by overturning the state’s $150,000 cap on the total amount of contributions permissible by individuals to candidates per year. ‘I think the ramification in New York is that that $150,000 limit would likely fall altogether, which would free up individuals to give to an unlimited number of candidates, party committees, and PACs in New York without an overall $150,000 aggregate limit,’ Laufer added.”

The video was also posted on Rick Hasen’s Election Law Blog.

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