New Jersey Enacts Job Protection Social Media Law

August 29, 2013

By: Dena B. Calo, Esq. and Eileen Fitzgerald Addison, Esq.

On August 29, 2013, Governor Chris Christie signed into law Assembly Bill A2878, after conditionally vetoing the bill the first time it crossed his desk. The Act prohibits employers from requiring or requesting applicants or employees to provide or disclose any user name or password, or in any way provide the employer access to, a personal social media account or service through an electronic communications device. The revised Act protects employees from perceived “Big Brother” tactics by employers, while still allowing employers to investigate alleged work-related misconduct and violations of law, evidence of which may manifest itself on social media.

The new law goes into effect this year, on December 1st. A companion bill (A2879) was signed into law in December 2012, barring colleges and universities from seeking the same information from applicants and current students.

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