Hobby's for Justice: Genova Burns Clinches Title

June 15, 2012

Genova Burns is pleased to announce a major victory for the Firm: we were awarded first place in the annual Hobby’s For Justice contest, a benefit where 10% of the funds raised are donated to Volunteer Lawyers for Justice. VLJ provides comprehensive legal services to economically-disadvantaged adults, children, and families in New Jersey through volunteer attorneys recruited and trained by VLJ. Programs include free legal counsel and advice, educational seminars on various legal matters, and direct representation for at-risk individuals facing critical civil legal issues Hobby’s Deli, a Newark landmark, holds  this competition every year, challenging area law firms and corporate legal departments come up with creative names for the restaurant’s famous sandwiches. GBGW engaged the imaginations and appetites of the entire organization by holding a firm-wide brainstorm and contest which yielded two sandwiches: the GBGW Gianto-Messy and the GBGW Meaty-Ator.  The Gianto-Messy claimed the title as the 2012 Hobby’s for Justice “most ordered sandwich,” with the runner up GBGW Meaty-Ator taking fourth place. (Second place went to another Genova: Preservation Partners David Genova’s Preservation Pastrami). The benefit was a huge success, netting $1,000 more than last year’s event for a grand total of $4,000 donated directly to Volunteer Lawyers for Justice.