Managing Leaves of Absence in New Jersey

March 21, 2012

Dena B. Calo, Esq., Director of the Human Resources Practice Group at Genova, Burns and Joseph M. Hannon, Esq., Genova Burns presented a professional development seminar for the League of Municipalities addressing how to manage employee “leaves” in New Jersey.  The presentation focused on helping employers understand and administer the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993, the New Jersey Family Leave Act, New Jersey Family Leave Insurance, New Jersey Temporary Disability Insurance and New Jersey Workers Compensation Act.   It also provided information on recent changes in the FMLA and NJFLA. If you or your organization are looking for guidance on the difference between “leave laws” and “wage replacement laws”; the NJFLI, or and the interaction between and administration of FMLA, NJFLA, NJFLI, NJTDI and NJWCA, contact Dena B. Calo, Esq., Director of Human Resources Practices Group and Partner, at Genova Burns at (973) 535-7135 or