A Powerful Complaint Causing a Municipality to Immediately Repeal Zoning Amendment was filed by Partner William F. Harrison and Associate Lisa A. John

December 18, 2008

The municipality adopted an amendment to its zoning ordinance, which substantially restricted our client’s ability to develop its property.  Mr. Harrison and Ms. John filed a Complaint, on behalf of our client, the owner of approximately 1,800 acres of land affected by the zoning amendment on both procedural and substantive grounds. The Complaint sought to invalidate the amendment based on procedural deficiencies in its adoption, arbitrary and capricious actions by the local planning board and governing body, and violations of our client’s due process rights.  The Complaint filed on behalf of our client was so effective that the municipality agreed to repeal the amendment, in its entirety, less than three weeks after it was received. Mr. Harrison and Ms. John are members of the Commercial Real Estate, Redevelopment & Environmental Law Practice Group and are based in the firm's Newark, New Jersey office.