Article by Angelo Genova and Dina Mastellone on the Importance of Employee Handbooks for Car Dealerships in NJ Auto Retailer Magazine

October 9, 2013  |  By: Angelo J. Genova, Esq.

Co-founding Partner Angelo J. Genova and Counsel Dina M. Mastellone have published an article entitled “Policies, Procedures and Protection: Why Every Dealership Should Have an Employee Handbook,” in the Summer 2013 issue of New Jersey Auto Retailer Magazine. The article lists top ten policies which should be contained in an Employee Handbook, including provisions related to the at-will employment, non-harassment and discrimination, accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, employee discipline and the monitoring of electronic communications. The authors emphasize that a Handbook ensures fair treatment of employees and, when drafted correctly, can effectively limit a dealership’s liability from employment discrimination, harassment and other legal claims.