Rajiv Parikh to Participate on Panel at NJBIZ 2020 Diversity in the Workplace Virtual Event

July 9, 2020

Firm Partner Rajiv D. Parikh will participate on a panel at the NJBIZ 2020 Diversity in the Workplace virtual event on Tuesday, July 28th. Mr. Parikh and his panel of experts will discuss the following talking points:

  • In the current cultural climate, companies are increasingly expected to show a real commitment to diversity. What approaches can ensure that such efforts are recognized as sincere and lasting?
  • Beyond cultural imperatives, research has consistently shown that companies with diverse leadership perform better financially than others. How can executives promote diversity at the upper levels of management?
  • While much progress has been made, business leaders might still encounter resistance to diversity programs. What can be done to head off or overcome that impediment?
  • Small businesses often face different challenges than large corporations. Where can proprietors who want to pursue diversity on a smaller scale find help?
  • Given the demands for diversity, resources and training have become more widely available. What are the best sources of assistance for owners and executives?
  • Diversity programs should be clearly communicated throughout the organization. What are the current best practices for making sure that all employees understand what is happening.

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