Rebecca Moll Freed to Present "Representing Non-Profit & Charitable Organizations - The Basics and Beyond" Program for NJICLE

September 24, 2019

There are thousands of non-profit organizations in New Jersey. They include social services agencies, charitable organizations, foundations, advocacy groups, hospitals, schools and professional associations. From the Girl Scouts to the Salvation Army, they perform a wide variety of work and employ thousands of people. Non-profits are an important part of our economy and our lives would be very different without them.

Proper formation and maintenance of tax-exempt status (501(c) - from 3 to 6 and everything in between), as well as compliance with a host of state and federal laws, are crucial for the survival of these groups and organizations.

This seminar will teach you how to properly form a non-profit and provide practical advice about counseling these organizations about tax exempt status, fund raising and lobbying.

Learn everything you need to know to properly advise your non-profit clients, including:

  • How to Form and Start a New Jersey Non-Profit Corporation
  • Becoming Tax-Exempt
  • Special Considerations for Religious Organizations
  • Maintaining Tax-Exempt Status
  • Fundraising and Solicitation Issues
  • State and Federal Regulation of Charitable and Non-Profit Organizations
  • Excess Benefit Transactions and Self-Dealing Considerations
  • Lobbying and Political Activities
  • Liability, Indemnification and D & O Issues
  • Governance Issues
    • What Can Cause Problems and How to Stay out of Trouble
    • Related Caselaw

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