Rebecca Moll Freed to Present Lawline Webcast on Corporate Political Activity and Compliance

November 5, 2018

Partner Rebecca Moll Freed will present a Lawline webcast entitled “Corporate Political Activity and Compliance: Developing an Effective Compliance Plan” on Tuesday, November 6th. This program will focus on the pitfalls that in-house counsel, corporate compliance officers, and governmental affairs agents face when trying to develop and implement a company-wide corporate political activity compliance policy.

Ms. Freed’s webcast will :

  • Examine the laws and regulations governing the role of companies in the political process
  • Identify the many pitfalls in which a single misstep can have significant consequences such as: loss of government contracting opportunities, fines and penalties, negative publicity and damage to the company’s reputation
  • Walk through the steps that are necessary for developing and implementing an effective and ethical compliance program

Ms. Freed is Chair of the Firm’s Corporate Political Activity Law, Non-Profit and Tax Exempt Organizations and Vendor Political Activity & Ethics Compliance Training & Audit Programs Practice Groups and a Partner in the Procurement Law, Government Contract Compliance & Bid Protest Litigation Practice Group.

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