Gregory Nagy to Speak in Princeton on “Campaign Finance Law and the Question of Values.”

February 12, 2014

On March 6, Gregory E. Nagy, of Counsel in the firm’s Corporate Political Activity Practice Group, will be speaking in Princeton, New Jersey, on the subject of “Campaign Finance Law and the Question of Values.”  Addressing the group 55Plus, Mr. Nagy will discuss the “most vilified and celebrated judicial decision in the financing of our elections": the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Citizens United, which allows corporations and unions to raise and spend unlimited amounts to express their political views as long as they do so independently of any candidate or party.  Does this opinion invite corruption of our democracy, or is it a positive expansion of political Free Speech?  This discussion will explore the values that support both views and best guesses of where campaign finance law may be evolving in federal and New Jersey elections.  Before entering private practice,  Mr.  Nagy was the Legal Director of the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) for almost 25 years.  There is no entrance fee but a small donation is suggested;  the event will be held at The Jewish Center of Princeton and start at 10 AM.

Tags: Citizens Unitedcampaign finance law