Rajiv Parikh Is Panelist at the 17th Annual eDiscovery & Information Governance in Practice Forum

November 19, 2013

Counsel Rajiv D. Parikh will be a panelist at the 17th Annual eDiscovery & Information Governance in Practice Forum being held in New York City December 12 at Thompson Hall. This one-day program, presented by the Hildebrandt Institute and West LegalEdcenter, is designed for attorneys, consultants, and legal technology professionals to convene and discuss industrial trends in information governance and eDiscovery in the current and forthcoming calendar year. Comprised of six panel sessions and a networking lunch, the program focuses on significant issues affecting Northeast legal practitioners navigating uncertain industry headwinds.

Mr. Parikh will be discussing “The Space Between: On the Crossroads of Technology, Information Governance & eDiscovery.”   The advent of electronically stored information (ESI) in litigation and regulatory matters has forced many organizations to (re)assess the enterprise management of confidential—indeed vital—business data. Many firms store critical information on disparate systems and incongruous technologies that raise questions of efficiency or comprehensiveness for eDiscovery. This opening roundtable interrogates the crossroads between information governance (IG), ESI and eDiscovery vis-à-vis cutting-edge or emergent technologies. Attendees will hear from IG and eDiscovery professionals, technologists, and thought leaders about the complementary interests of these seemingly isolated cost centers, as well as a hypothetical roadmap for attendees to use when implementing their own cost-effective business model.


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