Privacy, Cyber & Data Security

While the ease of transferring consumer and employee data, financial records and information of all kinds around the world in seconds, or less, has become invaluable to business operation and success, offering seemingly endless opportunities, it has likewise brought with in a multitude of new risks.

Perhaps the most significant of these is the potential for misuse of sensitive data – opening a company to vulnerability in the face of a benefit that is not just extremely valuable but crucial business success to our the present day environment. This has triggered a raft of legislative and regulatory action. Privacy laws are continually evolving and vary notably by jurisdiction. Not only is their interpretation and application uncertain, the regulations themselves are constantly changing.

The same can be said of cybersecurity, which is becoming increasingly complex and difficult to navigate. Regulatory sanctions can be severe, such as high fines, injunctions, government audits and potential criminal liability. In addition, companies that fail to meet privacy and cybersecurity standards find themselves under intense media scrutiny and face the loss of market and consumer confidence.

Our experienced Privacy, Cyber & Data attorneys help our diverse clients create and implement sound security practices to ensure regulatory and legal compliance so that not only their information, but competitive advantages in the market, are protected. Our experience spans many industries, including corporate and business transactions; banking and financial services; biotech, medtech and pharmaceuticals; construction and engineering; retail; automotive and transportation; hotels and restaurants; information technology; media and telecommunications, and manufacturing and industrials.

The services that we provide our clients include:

  • Data processing and data transfer agreements
  • Data security breach readiness and response
  • Due diligence and negotiation in the content merger & acquisition (M&A) transactions
  • Employee privacy
  • Financial privacy
  • Healthcare privacy
  • Crisis management, marketing and public relations protocols
  • Privacy and cybersecurity audits
  • Privacy and cybersecurity policies
  • Privacy related to investigations and e-discovery
  • Privacy-related claims and disputes
  • Privacy statements for online activities

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