Autonomous Vehicle Law

The promise of autonomous vehicles has been made for decades, but contemporary technological innovations put this vision on the brink of becoming reality. With this technological advancement comes a host of legal questions that will mean big changes in such areas as automobile liability, insurance, government regulation and licensing, labor, and real estate.

Genova Burns LLC’s Autonomous Vehicles Practice sits at the intersection of this advancing technology, legal matters, government regulation, and business concerns. Our team of attorneys provides innovative solutions in this fast-growing area to automakers, technology companies, insurance companies, real-estate developers, government entities, and other businesses that depend on transportation and mobility.

Genova Burns LLC's  attorneys have unrivaled experience in this new technology.  As members of the Autonomous Vehicle Law Group, our attorneys:

  • Have participated as a Governor-appointed member of the New Jersey Advanced Autonomous Vehicle Task Force that studied autonomous vehicles and drafted model legislation.
    • Are recognized as thought leaders in the legal world regarding autonomous vehicles.
    • Provide guidance to insurance companies on the changing landscape of automobile liability and insurance.
    • Guide all manner of companies in developing and protecting their intellectual property.
    • Maintain deep expertise in every aspect of real-estate development and land use, understanding how changes in mobility technology will shift the real-estate world.
    • Have advised transportation companies on the changing nature of mobility and the business and labor implications that will result.
    • Guide transportation companies through government regulations in a changing landscape.
    • Offer transactional and corporate guidance, drafting, and negotiations to businesses of all sizes.

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