H-1B Lottery Process Begins On March 6th

March 1, 2024  |  By: Patrick W. McGovern, Esq., Jessica B. Kim, Esq., Silas Lam

On Wednesday, March 6, 2024, USCIS will open its H-1B cap registration process for fiscal year 2025, informally known as the H-1B Lottery. Since 2020, USCIS has implemented an electronic registration system that requires the sponsoring employer to complete a few information forms and pay a registration fee. For the past three years, the registration fee was $10. For 2024, the registration fee increases to $215 for each visa beneficiary.

Registration is mandatory and the registration period runs only from March 6, 2024 to March 22, 2024. USCIS will notify lottery winners on March 31, 2024. After that, the employer submits the H-1B petition to USCIS beginning April 1, 2024 for job positions that will start, at the earliest, on October 1, 2024. To clarify, a successful visa application will result in an H-1B visa that takes effect on or after October 1, 2024.

The H-1B visa program remains a crucial and viable option for U.S. businesses struggling to bounce back from the economic aftermath of the pandemic. Specifically, the program can assist employers in filling employment gaps for specialty occupations such as software engineers, financial analysts, business technology specialists, educators, marketing and consulting professionals, medical scientists, and physical therapists – to name a few. Additionally, by bringing in specialized workers from abroad, U.S. employers source talent from a larger pool of applicants, supporting competitiveness in a global market. Moreover, recent research has demonstrated that H-1B workers actually protect U.S. worker jobs as companies that cannot secure domestic talent are often forced to relocate operations overseas. By hiring H-1B workers, these companies can keep their operations in the U.S. and retain U.S.-based jobs.

If your company is facing a shortage of local workers or would like access to the global talent pool, Genova Burns’ immigration attorneys can assist you with the H-1B visa registration and application process. Please contact Patrick W. McGovern, Esq., Partner and Chair of the firm’s Immigration Practice, via email here or Associate Jessica B. Kim, Esq. via email here, or call 973.309.0201.

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