Angelo Genova Untangles Trump’s Phone Call in Recent Insider NJ Interview

January 7, 2021

Firm Chairman & Managing Partner Angelo J. Genova, Esq. untangles Trump’s phone call in recent Insider NJ interview.

The article begins:

John Bolton wrote in his expose of the Trump White House that crazy events and unhinged presidential statements had a short shelf life. Just wait awhile and a new embarrassment would pop up, rendering the last one meaningless.

But will that pattern continue once the president leaves office. especially in light of his phone call beseeching Georgia officials to simply find enough votes for him to carry the state – some two months after he lost it to Joe Biden?

Angelo Genova has practiced election law in New Jersey for 40 years. True, this saga involves Georgia and federal law, but generalities can still be made from here in the Garden State.

For starters. Genova said in a phone conversation Tuesday that “at minimum” an investigation into the roughly, hour-long phone call is warranted. If nothing else, Genova said there certainly is an intimidating effect when the president of the United States calls up a state election official to talk about increasing his vote total.

And as Genova noted, there’s no dispute that it is “unlawful to procure fraudulent votes.”

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