Patrick McGovern Comments on Recent Success Enforcing Client’s Arbitration Agreements And Class Action Waivers in Law360

June 10, 2019

Genova Burns Partner Patrick W. McGovern’s recent success in New Jersey state appeals court defending client medical supplies delivery specialist Strategic Delivery Solutions LLC was detailed in a Law360 article entitled “Freight Drivers Must Arbitrate Wage Suit Under NJ Law: Panel”.

Mr. McGovern, who represents Strategic Delivery Solutions in the case, said in the article: “Our client is gratified that the Appellate Division enforced the clear and unambiguous waivers of jury trial, court proceedings, and class and collective actions in the context of statutory wage and hour claims. This decision serves as reassurance to businesses in New Jersey that the policy favoring arbitrating rather than litigating disputes is not lip service, it is a reality in our state court system.”

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