Nicholas Amato Quoted in Today’s Article Regarding Revel Auction

September 30, 2014

Of Counsel, Nicholas Amato, was quoted in an article today concerning the future of the now defunct Revel casino in Atlantic City. The casino is currently up for auction with at least four bidders vying for ownership. As Director of the firm’s Casino and Gaming Law Practice Group, Mr. Amato stated “No matter how inexpensive the price is, what are you going to do with it after your buy it?” citing “You can buy a pair of Gucci loafers for $10, but if they are a size 10 and you are a size six, what are you going to do with them?” Amato noted that whoever successfully bids for Revel will need a long term plan and a lot of money behind them.

Nicholas Amato is former executive director of the New Jersey Reinvestment Development Authority and later president of the Casino Association of New Jersey.

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