Laurence Laufer on Lazar v. NYC CFB in Crains New York

March 4, 2014

A Crains Insider report yesterday discussed the recent resolution of litigation brought by firm Partner Laurence D. Laufer and the firm’s Corporate Political Activity Law Practice Group against a NYC Campaign Finance Board audit and fine of New York City Council candidate Joe Lazar.  Reporter Chris Bragg summarized the outcome: “Without even responding to Mr. Laufer's complaint, the Campaign Finance Board agreed to settle the matter in October for about 6% of its original demand….Mr. Laufer said the case demonstrates how the Board tries to avoid such hearings, which shift the burden of proof towards the city, rather than the candidate.  ‘One would hope the ultimate goal would get to the truth, and not play 'gotcha.' Ideally, the goal should be to either prove there was an issue, or exonerate the candidate,’ the attorney said in an interview. ‘I would be surprised if they made this particular mistake again.’"


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