Laurence Laufer to Present on “Rise of Super PACs” at Seton Hall Law Review Symposium

October 25, 2012

Partner Laurence D. Laufer will be presenting the first panel discussion at the Seton Law Review Symposium “The Changing Landscape of Election Law, “ to be held on Friday Oct. 26th.   Offering 6 NY/NJ CLE credits, the event, taking place on the eve of the 2012 general election, will explore the changing landscape of election law and feature panels discussing several important and timely topics that will impact the upcoming election, future elections, and the electorate at large. Legal scholars, policy experts, and practitioners will present panel discussions on the rise of Super PACs and how recent changes in campaign finance law will impact the upcoming election; the increasing use of public lawmaking and the impact of direct democracy in theory and in practice; and the modernization of voter registration and the ballot box, focusing on ballot access in the modern era. Mr. Laufer will be speaking on “The Rise of Super PACs.”  Other panel discussions include:
  • Public Lawmaking: The Use of Direct Democracy in Theory and in Practice, and
  • Modernization of the Ballot Box: Voter Registration and Ballot Access in the Modern Era
For more information and to register, please click here.