Additional Transitional Aid Pay-to-Play Ordinances on the Horizon in NJ?

September 11, 2012

Last Friday (September 7, 2012) was the deadline for New Jersey State Fiscal Year municipalities to inform the Department of Community Affairs (the “DCA”) of their intent to apply for transitional aid for the 2013 State Fiscal Year. As previously discussed here and here, adoption of a stringent pay-to-play ordinance is one of the requirements for receiving transitional aid.  If a municipality wishes to be considered for transitional aid for State Fiscal Year 2013 and does not currently have a transitional aid pay-to-play ordinance in effect, the municipality must agree to introduce a model ordinance prior to Friday, September 28, 2012. With additional municipalities applying for and receiving transitional aid, local government vendors in New Jersey will be required to comply with more stringent pay-to-play restrictions on a regular basis.

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