The Christie Reform Agenda: More Restrictions on the Way?

November 6, 2009

Governor-Elect Chris Christie takes office on January 19, 2010.  During the campaign Mr. Christie promised widespread ethics reform to "ensure that we restore honesty, transparency and ethical behavior to this state." Among the proposals he has suggested are an expansion of New Jersey’s already extensive pay-to-play laws, which may include:
  • covering labor unions as “business entities” subject to statewide pay-to-play restrictions.  For example, number 27 in the list of  “88 Ways that Chris Christie Will Fix New Jersey” includes a promise to “strengthen our weak ‘pay to play’ laws by eliminating special interest labor union loopholes to ensure labor unions are treated just like any other entities that have contracts with government.”
  • Extending current statewide pay-to-play restrictions "to all groups at all levels of government."
  • Stronger anti-circumvention provisions.
  • A ban on wheeling.
Mr. Christie has also suggested more detailed financial disclosure forms for of state officials.  For example, he suggested that elected officials might be required to disclose the receipt of political contributions in advance of voting on certain land transactions involving developers. Law Clerk Bonnie Fire contributed to this post.

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