Chapter 271: Countdown to Business Entity Disclosure

July 31, 2007

59 days to go.

Pursuant to Chapter 271, a business entity that has received $50,000 or more in government contracts in a calendar year must file an annual disclosure statement electronically with ELEC. The disclosure form requires reporting contract information and reportable contributions the business entity has made. The due date for the first annual disclosure report for calendar year 2006 is September 28, 2007.

We're starting a countdown and will be posting various tips to help you along the way. Read more for your first tip. Here’s a tip: The form is available now on ELEC’s website and ELEC requires that the information be entered on the electronic form (i.e. you may not submit schedules or spreadsheets already maintained by the business).  Start entering now so you are not overwhelmed on the night of September 27.  You can save the form on your computer and so you don’t have to enter it all in one shot. The form is available here.

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