Crisis Management

Often the natural response to an unexpected crisis is panic. The steps our clients take at the initial stages of an emergency are critical to their management and diffusion. At Genova Burns, we have a proven track record of having the judgment, skills, relationships and experience to resolve a crisis with as little overall impact as possible. We quickly develop strategies that address all aspects of the matter—governmental, regulatory and inspector general investigations; civil litigation and media and investor scrutiny as well as the long-term business ramifications.

We understand what an emergent crisis means to a business or government entity. It can have far-reaching and catastrophic consequences if not managed in the right way. Attorneys on our Crisis Management Team employ a strategic and business-focused approach to address such emergencies in timely fashion. We respond rapidly to effectively address the issue immediately and follow-up by providing our clients a long term strategic plan to mitigate the legal, business, governmental, regulatory and public relations impacts.

In the initial flurry of attention and discussion, we prioritize the issues and create communication strategies that convey the true message our clients want to send to their constituencies. We minimize the disruptive impact crises often have in keeping with our clients’ long term business objectives.

The first response is triage followed by gathering facts in anticipation of media inquiries, government investigations and exposure in the market. The aftereffects of an emergency include civil and criminal investigations by government agencies and litigation. In the context of a public company, there may be investigations and litigation concerning shareholders or other investors. Significant communications issues with directors, shareholders, employees, customers and key constituents typically arise and must be managed intelligently. Securing insurance coverage can be critical. We help our clients do this.

Some crises evolve slowly, with the scope of their future impact not initially discernible. The first sign of an emergency might arise from a governmental subpoena or request for information, individual litigation, whistleblower allegation or news story. Our Crisis Management Team understands that a crisis must be seen and analyzed from the client’s standpoint. We get in front of an emergency. Many of our numerous successes come from the mitigation and management of potential problems before they manifest into full blown emergencies. We help our clients avoid crises altogether; however, when they are unavoidable, we resolve them as quickly as possible with minimal financial, reputational and political harm.

We represent companies; current and former government officials; private and public schools and universities; non-profit and not-for-profit organizations and governmental entities in matters involving alleged campaign finance violations, reputation management, the Affordable Care Act and professional misconduct.

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