David Cooke Comments on the Impact of the FAA Ban on Commercial Drone Use for Law 360

July 2, 2014

 In Kaitlin Ugolik’s article on Law 360 “RE Cos. Face Subpoenas As FAA Shakes Out Drone Rules,” David P. Cooke, Director of Genova Burns’s Aviation and Aircraft Law Practice Group, commented on the issue of real estate brokers sending camera-equipped unmanned aircraft to obtain footage of properties for potential buyers despite a Federal Aviation Administration ban on commercial drone use.

Mr. Cook said, “The technology is developing so quickly and the costs are coming down so rapidly that the regulatory framework for operating these things has just not caught up.”

The article describes businesses, including real estate brokerages, which are taking advantage of the technology while a technical regulatory gap still exists. It further notes that several regional brokerages have received subpoenas from the FAA regarding this activity.

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