"Don't Let Employees' Political Activities Put the Company At Risk" by Rebecca Freed and Harris Freier in New Jersey Lawyer Magazine

June 13, 2014

An article by Counsel Rebecca Moll Freed and Associate Harris Freier appears in the June issue of New Jersey Lawyer, the publication of the New Jersey State Bar Association. In “Don’t Let Employees’ Political Activities Put the Company At Risk,” Ms. Freed and Mr. Freier examine the tension between employees’ individual First Amendment rights and the employer’s obligation to comply with campaign finance law and pay to pay restrictions. The authors advise companies to develop a political activity compliance policy and to conduct training to help employees implement that policy, so that the exercise of free speech on the part of employees does not conflict with the company’s eligibility for government contracts or impact negatively on the company’s reputation. For the full article, click here (reprinted by permission of the New Jersey State Bar Association).

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