Genova Burns Included in Top 20 List of NJ's Largest Law Firms

October 15, 2013

This year Genova Burns was included for the first time in the Top 20 in the New Jersey Legal Almanac’s 2013 list of New Jersey’s Largest Law Firms. The firm was started by three attorneys in 1989 and is now poised to celebrate its 25th year anniversary in January 2014, with almost 90 attorneys practicing in six offices across the metropolitan area.

The Almanac also identified Valley National Bank v. Kleiber (36-4-9034), a precedent setting victory for a major client of the firm, as the fifth most requested case by the attorneys of New Jersey.  This decision determined that employers can recover tort liability against employees who resign and then solicit the employer's clients, even if the employees did not have restrictive covenant agreements, and even if there is no proof that the former employees took hard copies of customer lists from their employer, if the employer proves that the employees learned of the identity of the customers as a result of their employment.  Partner John C. Petrella and Associate Harris S. Freier, led the litigation team under the guidance of Partner and firm co- Founder Angelo J. Genova. 

The Legal Almanac is a special annual publication by the New Jersey Law Journal.


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