THIRD CIRCUIT DECISION IN THIRTY YEAR LONG COURT BATTLE REAFFIRMS NEED TO PROTECT AGAINST VOTER FRAUD - Genova Succeeds in Voting Rights Appeal on behalf of Democratic National Committee against Republican National Committee

March 12, 2012

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a judgment from the United States District Court of the State of New Jersey in the case Democratic National Committee vs. Republican National Committee, No. 09-4615, ---- F.3d --- (3d. Cir. 2012).

The case began in 1981, when the RNC and New Jersey Republican State Committee entered into a consent order with the DNC and New Jersey Democratic Committee, represented by New Jersey attorney Angelo J. Genova, where the Republican party agreed to submit proposed “ballot security programs” for federal court review after those programs were accused of discriminating against minority voters.

“We are pleased with the outcome in yet another chapter in this thirty-year litigation,” said Genova, who has represented the Plaintiffs in this case since its inception.  “The Circuit Court reinforced the efficacy of the Consent Decree, which has for three decades provided protections against minority voter suppression throughout our nation.”